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Dairy Free Eggnog with Collagen

For my first festive recipe, I wanted to share a recipe for the best holiday drink ever.
What's that? Eggnog. duh.

Eggnog is the best. It's something I look forward to every Christmas season. Doesn't every one?
Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. I love giving, and I love watching others give. I love how warm my heart gets when I'm surrounded by my family and friends. I especially love making homemade gifts. I spend a lot of time and energy thinking of what I should make, then when I turn that idea into a creative gift and give out my little handmade holiday gift bag to people makes me soooo happy.
Side note: If you don't know me personally, I should tell you that I'm an old soul. I'm basically a grandma in a 25 year olds body and I'm totally okay with that. I was in sewing class in high school and I learned to knit when I was 11. I've always loved doing homemade gifts, and it's for sure something I'll continue to do until I&#…

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