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Peanut Butter "Cheesecake"

Currently writing this blog post as I eat this cheesecake. Damn it's good..  Let me be honest with you. The best part of having a food blog is obviously the part when you get to eat all of your creations!

I collaborated with Fatso high performance peanut butter to bring you this recipe. Collaborations are always fun because I get to try out new products and then have some fun with them. The reason behind this collab is for a keto event that is happening on Tuesday, December 10th at Community Natural Foods 10th Avenue from 5-7pm. So if you're in Calgary and want to try this recipe before you make it, here is your chance! The recipe is completely vegan and has non-keto and kept friendly options, and so long as you have a high speed blender it is incredible easy to make! It takes time, but good things take time don't you know?

Since the cashews are fermented, that also makes this recipe gut health friendly! Fermented foods are great for replenishing the gut microflora with g…

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