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Cardamom Rose Coffee Creamer

This cardamom rose coffee creamer is literally so easy to make you guys. Adding rose to your coffee makes you feel like a real fancy ass bitch.

You can make this in 20 minutes with only about 5 minutes of that being active prep time.
If you're looking for a way to jazz up your morning coffee, latte or cold brew, this is definitely it!


2 C coconut milk, full fat ** see recipe note
15 cardmom pods, lightly crushed 3 tbsp dried rose petals 2 tbsp maple syrup ** see recipe note small pinch of mineral salt 1 tbsp Organika Pink Latte powder ** see recipe note
Recipe notes: If you can tolerate dairy and choose not to use coconut milk, I would suggest using half and half or whipping cream. To make this recipe keto or sugar free, substitute the maple syrup for stevia and sweeten to taste. I love the baby pink colour you get from using the Organika Pink Latte Powder. One of it's main ingredients is pink pitaya and beet root powder, which are very cleansing and can give a bo…

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