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Miso Ginger Ramen

Ramen is debatably one of the biggest restaurant food trends to hit North America in the last few years. Not saying that it wasn't popular before (especially if there is a big Asian influence in your area) but holy shit, ramen restaurants have really become trendy in the last decade. Yes- I know that instant ramen has forever been the college go-to for a cheap dinner or lunch. But I'm talking about the hipster restaurants who play rap music, play anime movies on the TV screen and have flimsy paper menus. That shit is NEW.

In my opinion, ramen has become trendy for a damn good reason. Ramen is a deliciously dense and hearty bowl of noodle soup. Perfect for a cold day or just to mend your soul after a breakup. The trendy ramen restaurant is a total upgrade from the instant Ichiban noodles I grew up eating as a kid. 

But let's face it. Ramen isn't always healthy.It's a carb heavy dish that is loaded with sodium and fat and has little to no vegetables. This miso ginge…

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