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Nourishing Hot Apple Cider

It's just starting to feel like fall here in Alberta and sometimes the cool air chills me right to the bone. That's why having this quick, cozy and nourishing hot apple cider recipe to sip on while curling up on the couch under a blanket is oh so lovely!

As a nutritionist, I consider juice only to be liquid sugar. Fruit juice is typically perceived as "healthy", when in reality, juice can be just as much or higher than a can of soda. The argument: Juice is from fruit and has vitamins in it that are healthy for you. The fact: Drinking freshly pressed fruit juice contains vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes that can support good health, however these nutrients deplete after just a few days leaving you with a not-so-nourishing-fruit-juice, and more of a sugary beverage. 
As a consumer, I either freshly press the juice on my own with my Omega Juicer, buy local and make sure to ask when it was pressed (do not buy a $7 "fresh" juice that was pressed a week ago.. …

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