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Rosemary Black Pepper Popcorn

If you're looking for a dairy free, non traditional version popcorn that is freaking delicious, look no more. Surprisingly, you don't need butter to coat your popcorn with a delicious layer of fat. The olive oil in this recipe does the trick perfectly!
 We don't make popcorn often in our home because it's not very healthy and also corn is a mutant food (thanks Monsanto, you dicks). Another reason we don't make it often is because popcorn just causes intestinal distress... So we try to limit our intake of this extremely addictive food!

Funny story: when we first started dating I had him over for a movie and popcorn. I had been bragging to him about my unique popcorn eating ways and tonight was the night that I prove to him that my way enjoying popcorn is the best way. Here is how I enjoy my popcorn: 1: make your popcorn, and set aside a small bowl of plain popcorn that won't be seasoned. 2:  season the rest of the popcorn with lots of butter and mineral salt. 3…

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