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Chocolate Avocado Brownies

I learned right away in my relationship that the key to my boyfriends heart is through avocados and sweet potato. That dude looooves those two ingredients. So when I told him I had plans to make avocado brownies I could see in his eyes that he was hyped.

These brownies will literally surprise everyone. Maybe I should sell these brownies to a super hipster cafe. I bet you I could make a lot of money from all those damn hipsters...  I really want to bake these brownies, hand them out to people and only AFTER they've been eaten is when I will tell them that they actually have avocados in them. It that ethical? I actually don't really care to be honest.
One of my favourite things to do is trick people into eating food that I know they will enjoy and telling them the ingredients afterwards (one of my favourite recipes to do that with are these chocolate chip cookie dough protein balls. They have crickets in them.. HA HA SUCKER!)

The avocado gives it a really nice thick, dense, cak…

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