Welcome, friends!

This is my first blog ever! For me being not-so-savvy on the computer, it's a big step!
My goal for this blog is to share healthy recipes, and wellness posts. The majority of my knowledge comes from graduating from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) and obtaining my diploma as an RHN-Holitistic Nutritionist. The majority of my recipes come from lots of cooking and baking, creativity, and the love for eating food. Mmmmm food...

I want this blog to be personal, educational, and useful to everyone. Not too serious, because life is funner when you're, well, having fun! Cooking and baking is fun for me, and I hope to shine a little light in the kitchen of everyones homes and spread the love for creating good food. We all need food to live, so why not treat our bodies like the Kings and Queens that we all are, and nourish it with local, organic, and yummy food! I say let's do it, and that it sounds like a pretty good plan to me. Don't you think so?

Get ready for recipes of all sorts ranging from vegan to paleo, and traditional to weird & funky foods. I believe that it's so important to get everyone involved in living a healthier life that fits into everyone's different schedules, and to teach why it's so important to eat healthy and nourishing foods. You won't find any generic "Eat greens because they're good for you" notes on here. Why should you eat greens? Because they are full of nutrients like chlorophyll for example that promote detoxification of your liver, blood, and cells. There are plenty of reasons why you should eat your greens (and don't worry I'll explain lots more on that topic in later posts). In this blog, my intention is to explain the why's of living a healthy lifestyle, and teach how to do it.


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