Coconut Cinnamon Cookies

Candida friendly, gluten free, no sugar, vegan & paleo cookies.
I think that's all I really need to say about this post.


3/4 C coconut flour
1/2 C xylitol
1/4 tsp salt
2 tsp cinnamon, plus 2 tbsp for rolling in
1/2 C coconut oil (melted)
4 eggs


Preheat the oven to 350°

Combine the coconut flour, xylitol, salt and cinnamon in a large mixing bowl. 

Melt the coconut oil in a small sauce pan on low heat. It will take about 2 minutes for it to all melt! 

While the coconut oil is melting, crack the eggs and give 'em a whisk in a small bowl.

When the coconut oil is melted, pour it into the bowl with the dry ingredients. Make sure you blend it really well so that no clumps remain.

Next, add the eggs. Once again, make sure you mix it really well. The batter should still be sticky when everything is mixed.

Put the 2 Tbsp of cinnamon into a small bowl. This will be to roll the cookies in before you place them on a cookie sheet.

Grab a small ball of dough and roll it into a circle that is about 2" in diameter. Dab one side into the cinnamon and then roll between your hands to spread the cinnamon around evenly.

Place the dough balls onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. You can fit a lot onto one sheet because these they don't rise or expand, so you can place them about 1" away from each other no problem. 

Bake for 13 minutes. When done, place on a cooling rack. I always end up burning my mouth because I always eat one before it's completely cooled (to be honest, before it's cooled at all). I hope you don't do the same... Stay safe ladies and gents!

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