Learning from failure and keeping a positive attitude!

The nice little note that was on my xylitol candies.
The universe timed this perfectly!!
Try... Just a little bit harder. -this so just happens to be one of my favorite songs by Janis Joplin (along with Bobby McGee), and I thought it suited well with this post!

This post is about trying, perseverance, positive thoughts, and dedication.

I'm writing this blog as my house smells like a yummy coconut loaf that was a big failure, and a big waste of expensive, organic, and high quality ingredients. I'm not impressed, nor happy about the this. This candida cleanse will be about 60 days in length. My daily diet has changed completely. It's hard enough with intense cravings that make me want to jump on guests tables and eat their carrot cake with cream cheese icing like a rabid dog (I'm holding myself back from that, I think I would get fired from my restaurant job don't you think?), but the fact that I need to prep all of my meals for my busy work days, all my snacks, learn a completely different way of cooking/baking, all while keeping my sanity as well as my house clean..

Ugh. Just had to get that out there.

But here's some positive things.

The reason that things fail in life, no matter what it is (relationships, jobs, recipes, or university tests), it is so that we can use that failure as a learning lesson. If you fail at something, learn from it. What didn't work? What did? What same concepts can you use from whatever it is, and change to make it better? If we fail, and do not learn a lesson from it, it's probably going to keep on happening again and again. Think positively and know what you did right out of whatever it was that failed. Those thoughts will carry with you and will attract positive things and energies!

It's called the law of attraction. The thoughts you think, you eventually receive. I don't want all of you guys to think I'm some uneducated hippie that doesn't shave my legs and lives in a tree. But this concept seriously works. And it works well. I went to a law of attraction workshop that was taught by the man himself Michael Losier. It was an amazing experience to have met him and be taught some of the key methods about the law of attraction. Someone else that I truly admire is Louise Hay. That women is amazing and has a way of making me smile on any day. She must shit roses in my opinion.

A little bit about my personal experience with thinking positively:

My mom got diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Follicular Lymphoma a few years back. It was totally devastating and an extremely hard time for me as an 18 year old, because I had to drop my life, drop out of college and hold my eduction for later to help out my mom when she was in need. You've just gotta do what you've gotta do. Get 'er done is still one of my main mottos (as redneck as it sounds. I also have it engraved in my grad ring haha). It's so amazing the strength that we all carry inside ourselves that we have no clue exists. When I needed to put on my big girl panties and get a job done, I did. And you carry the exact same amount of strength in you too. I felt like things were failing back then. My mental health went spiralling down, my digestive health went spiralling down, and my moms health was obviously spiralling down too. The entire time that she was going through the 2 major surgeries and healing from them, going through the 8 rounds of intense chemotherapy, and the 2 years of maintenance chemotherapy, we had a kick-ass attitude. My auntie and I made T-shirts that said "My mom is crushing cancers balls" for me, and "I'm crushing cancers balls" for my mom. We got the T-shirts made for our immediate family and marched into the chemo room with power every time we needed to. The collective strength and energy that we made was so powerful, that even the patients and nurses in the room got to know us, and were inspired by us. It's funny because that was about 3 years ago and my mom and I still talk with those nurses. They always say how we were their favorite patients because of our attitude. When we got those beautiful words "remission" told to us, the oncologist himself said that she would not have healed and recovered so well, if it had not been for our positive attitude (that's pretty kick-ass eh?). The chemotherapy worked no doubt about it, but the energy that we created, increased the efficacy of the medication.

Like I said before, I'm not some crazy person that dances around a burning fire in my birthday suit singing.. I'm a realist. And don't sit around hoping for things to get better. I get off my ass and work for it. That's the only way to change things.

So now that my rant is done about thinking positive and how it actually works, back to the recipe.. This recipe failed for whatever reason, and it still kinda pisses me off. But next time, I'm going to use the notes that I wrote down, and try to think of what different steps I can take to make them work the next time. When I really sucked at guitar when I first started playing, I played more and more and more until I could finally come up with a riff that sounded cool (thanks to dedication and help from my awesome musician friends!)

Failing sucks. No one likes it. And I'm not saying that I don't have a little temper tantrum when things don't work out. Becuase I do. But those little temper tantrums last about 1 minute and then I get over it, and try to think about positivity, and what I can do next time to make it better.

We all need a little inspiration in this life. Life gets tiring! The world is beautiful and there is beauty around us everywhere. We just need to think with an open mind, and look with non-judgemental eyes. This is a hard and on-going task. But when (notice how I didn't say if) you can do this, I promise that you will be truly grateful of your life, no matter what stress or problems that may arise.

And don't stop laughing!! It has actually been proven in studies that laughing decreases stress, cardiovascular problems, increases cognitive function, and boosts immunity. Just get out a good laugh and carry on with your day.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I am an RHN-Holistic Nutritionist. The health information contained herein is to share my knowledge and recipes. Any information provided is not intended to treat or cure any disease, or to replace any discussions with a health care provider. You, the reader, are personally responsible for ensuring the safe application of anything described herein. Read the Scope of Practice, as well as the Code of Ethics of an RHN-Holistic Nutritionist.


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