"Nature's-noodle" Spaghetti

This winter-squash is low carb, nutrient dense, and you're eating vegetables instead of pasta! No complaints here.


1 spaghetti squash, cut in half and seeds removed.

Excuse the dirt. It's not all about beauty on the outside you know.
Place the spaghetti squash, face down like this to bake.
It's cooked! 

"Scratch" the noodles away from the outer layer

Preheat the oven to 350°

Place the spaghetti squash on a baking sheet, face down. Make sure that the rack is in the middle of the oven.

Put in the oven for about 25-30 minutes, or until a fork can be inserted with ease.

While the squash is in the oven, start making your sauce! Click here for my easy homemade tomato sauce. It takes the same amount of time to prepare as it does for the squash to bake. How perfect!

Take the squash out of the oven, and let it cool for about 5 minutes, or until cool enough to handle with an oven mitt (be careful not to burn your fingers!). Take a fork and start "scratching" the "noodles" off the sides of the squash.

Place the "noodles" into a large serving bowl and top with tomato sauce.

Start chompin' ladies and gents.


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