Orange Greensicle Smoothie

This smoothie isn't much of an original, but I decided I wanted to share my own version of it.

There are plenty of "Orange Creamsicle" smoothie recipes online, but most of them are high in sugar, and some of them even have ICECREAM in them! And they were labeled as a "breakfast" smoothie... pffft.

Well, I hate to disappoint y'all but this recipe does NOT use ice-cream. Instead, it has a serving of fresh greens which will give you clean energy for the day opposed to a sugar high. 


1 C packed greens
1 frozen orange, cut into pieces (rind removed).
1/2 fresh orange
1 tsp orange rind (make sure the orange is organic)
1/4 C coconut yogurt
scoop of unfavoured or vanilla protein powder
6 brazil nuts
2 tbsp hemp seeds
Enough milk of choice to cover the ingredients (I use almond milk)


Add all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth!


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