Healing Aloe Vera & Collagen Lemonade

One of my favourite words is nourishing. 

I love to nourish myself and people I love with quality (and sometimes unique) ingredients.
Such incredibly nourishing ingredients and also a bit uncommon to use in the kitchen, and that's exactly why I chose to use both collagen and aloe vera in this recipe.

I worked in the health and supplement field for 8 years and I loved it. I loved being a small part of someones health journey. I did so by recommending different health products for my customers to try adding to their diet, and knowing which products/foods made them feel their best. 

Aloe vera was always a recommendation I made to those who had digestive issues. Anything from constipation, allergies, or even as an immune booster.

Some benefits of aloe vera include:
· Aiding digestion: Aloe contains digestive enzymes such as amylase, catalase, cellulase, lipase and peroxidase. Enzymes help to break down food, and will help reduce bloating and an upset stomach. 
· Minerals: Magnesium, manganese, calcium, selenium, potassium, zinc.
· Vitamins: Vitamin A, C, & E. All are antioxidants that neutralize free radicals.
· Reducing constipation: Aloe actually has naturally occurring latex. A compound called anthraquinone that are present in aloe increases intestinal water, stimulates mucus secretion and intestinal peristalsis.
· Boosts the immune system: Aloe contains zinc and an enzyme called bradykinase. Zinc is essential to maintain a health immune system, and bradykinase stimulates the immune system and helps fight infection. 

Another one of my favourite supplements is collagen! I consume it everyday. 

Here's a random fact about collagen that you might not care about, but probably don't know either and so I'm going to tell you anyways:

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body. It originates from the Greek word "kólla" meaning "glue" and the French word "gene" which means "something that produces". Collagen is a major component in connective tissue, therefore it is super important to maintain the integrity of your muscle tissue.

Some benefits from supplementing with collagen:
· Increased skin elasticity: When you turn 21, your collagen production slows down and starts to dramatically slow down by your mid 30s. Remember when I said collagen is the major component in your connective tissue? Collagen is really helpful for preventing wrinkles.
· Heal leaky gut syndrome: Without completely explaining leaky gut and how the gut gets leaky over time, it's essentially due to inflammation and irritation of the intestines (this can be caused from numerous things, including allergies, alcohol, prescription medications, and stress). It causes thin tissues in the intestines, which means that less nutrients are being absorbed, and potential toxins can be "leaked" back into the bloodstream. A study showed that IBS patients tested low for collagen, and once collagen was administered into their diet, their leaky gut and inflammation decreased.
· May prevent Alzheimers disease: By increasing collagen intake, you can create a form of protection for the brain that combats amyloid-beta proteins that attack your precious neutrons and can cause Alzheimers.
· Reduce joint pain: Collagen is basically lube to your joints. Lube them up!

Collagen and vitamin C are totally besties. When together, collagen is better absorbed and utilized. That makes the ingredients in this recipe work together to create a healthier and more nourished you.

Healing Aloe Vera & Collagen Lemonade

1 C aloe vera, skin removed and cut into cubes
1  1/4 C lemon juice
6 C water
1/2 C raw honey
2 scoops/servings collagen 


Puree the cubed aloe vera and lemon juice in a high speed blender.

In a large pot, gently heat the water and melt the honey (low heat in order to keep the heat sensitive enzymes in the honey).

Once the honey is melted, add the aloe/lemon mixture and collagen.

Transfer to a pitcher and chill.


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