Sweet Potato & Dill "Hummus"

I don't eat a lot of beans due to the bloating and indigestion that they give me, but I freaking love hummus, so it sucks to go without. Beans contain a variety of carbohydrates called oligosaccharides, which are a type of sugar that is poorly absorbed. They require an enzyme called alpha-galactosidase to help break them down. So if I do find myself eating beans, I like to take a digestive enzyme to reduce the bloating! 

I originally made this bean free sweet potato hummus recipe probably four years ago, but as my culinary skills continue to grow and I continue to learn, I like remaking my old recipes to see if they meet my high standards. This was a good recipe to begin with but I ended up giving it a total make-over by totally switching up the flavours and herbs! 

I added the Farmhouse Culture Dill Pickle Gut Shot to boost it's nutritional properties by adding some beneficial probiotics! Each serving of 3 tablespoons has 10 billion CFU's of lactobacillus which is great bacteria to add to your gut! Having a healthy gut microflora increases your immune system, boosts digestion, benefits the health of your brain, increases the absorption of nutrients and can help your body create the vitamins it needs to thrive. 

My boyfriend is literally obsessed with sweet potato so this recipe has become his favourite dip that I make. We like to enjoy it with my Bird Seed and Herb Crackers, mini cucumbers or radishes. It's super flavourful and if you like dill pickle, I'm pretty confident you'll like this dip! 


1 1/2 C roasted sweet potato

2 tbsp tahini
1 tbsp olive oil
4 tbsp Farmhouse Culture Garlic Dill Pickle Gut Shot (If you don't have this substitute with dill pickle brine!)
1 1/2 tbsp white vinegar
3/4 tbsp dill, dried
3/4 tsp himalayan salt


Add all ingredients into a food processor. 

Process until smooth. 

Adjust seasoning if needed by adding a little more dill or vinegar if you feel necessary.



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