How to roast garlic & make your own garlic oil

Guys I literally love roasted garlic. Everything garlic if I'm being honest, but roasted garlic is the crème de la crème. Back in the days when I was just a wee one and was starting to cook and experiment in the kitchen, I have disregarded the ingredient lists recommended amount of garlic coves and practically have always tripled the amount. Can anyone else relate?

I've since continued using excessive amounts of garlic while home cooking, but have started keeping roasted garlic cloves and oil in my fridge as an easy way to elevate the flavours on any dish. Roasting garlic takes away the intense spiciness that garlic is known for, and replaces it with a sweet and caramelized flavours while keeping all of the other flavourful characteristics of garlic.

You can eat roasted garlic cloves straight up (no judgement from me) or ways like this:
add whole cloves into dishes like this Vegan Fettuccine Alfredo recipe
on charcuterie boards
on the side of baked brie
mix the cloves with butter and make garlic toast
on homemade pizza
use in omelettes
flavour sauces
mix into savoury spreads/dips

While roasting the garlic, the oil takes on flavours of the garlic and creates this beautifully aromatic oil that you can use for so many different recipes:
roasting vegetables like this these Roasted Baby Potatoes With Vegetables & Herbs
use as an oil base in soups
emulsify in sauces
add to marinades
salad dressings
or simply drizzle to finish dishes.


whole garlic bulbs* see recipe notes
avocado oil * see recipe notes

Recipe notes:
You'll notice in the list of ingredients that there are no quantities. That's because it really doesn't matter how much garlic or oil you use. Just make sure that the garlic cloves are completely covered by the oil.


Preheat oven to 400°

On a cutting board, tilt the garlic bulb and lay it on its side, cutting off the tip of the garlic while trying to keep all of the cloves still attached to the bulb. As you can see in the picture, some cloves might fall off and those ones are still okay to use. Do this to all of the garlic bulbs.

In a glass dish (I used a 500ml glass Pyrex container), arrange the garlic bulbs nicely in the bottom of the dish, cut side facing up and simply pour enough avocado oil over top so that the garlic is fully covered. Roast, uncovered in oven for 20-25 minutes or until the garlic is light-medium brown and the oil is very aromatic. BE CAREFUL WHEN REMOVING FROM OVEN. Let sit in glass dish until completely cool. Store in the fridge two ways: you can keep the garlic immersed in the oil or strain oil from garlic and store each in individual airtight containers.


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