About Moi

Bonjour mon ami! I'm Darian.

I don't speak a lick of French besides important culinary terms and "can I go to the toilet?" (which, totally saved my ass when I was traveling in France and needed to find a bathroom ASAP).

I love eating.
I love laughing.
I love traveling abroad.
I love riding my bike and yoga.
I love wine and a perfect food pairing.
I love breaths of fresh air and the ocean.
I love learning new cultures and eating new cuisines.
I love biting into a juicy Okanagan peach on a sunny August day.
and I especially love, love.

I'm a small-ish oil town girl that moved to a semi-large Canadian city just outside the Rocky Mountains. I was born and raised in Fort McMurray, and am currently residing in Calgary, Alberta. It was big culture shock and adjustment for me. I was used to parking anywhere I wanted for free and spending my weekends as teenager drinking beer and eating donairs around a fire in the bush. It was fun, but oil sands life wasn't for me and I knew it wasn't the life I wanted to live, or how I would manifest my passions and dreams.

So I moved to Calgary to get a post secondary education, and obtained my diploma and Natural Nutrition from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, and a few years later attended the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and graduated with my Professional Cooking diploma with honours. I've also done a couple other educational trainings such as my reiki level 1, Bachs Natural Remedies certificate, and advanced detoxification courses.

I backpacked in Europe when I was 20 and that was an eye-opener, as I had never left the country before. Being submerged in new culture and a new world was amazing. I later travelled to Kenya and South Africa, where I volunteered at an orphanage and it was the most life changing experience ever. I never shut up about my travels in Kenya, and I likely never will. Just a few months prior to my trip, Fort McMurray was engulfed in flames by the biggest wild fire Canada has ever seen, and unfortunately my family home was one of the victims of the fire. After losing my home, and seeing the trauma it put my family through, then shortly after traveling somewhere that people are lucky to even have a meal a day and shoes or socks on their feet; this really put my life and level of gratitude into perspective.

I've always considered myself a grateful person. I grew up poor af, with a lot more stress and responsibilities than a child should have. But, I am the product of circumstance, and my childhood has made me extremely grateful for my life and who/what I have in it. I have a gratitude journal and I write in it often to reflect on things. Little things like a juicy peach that I mentioned earlier, to the nice things my boyfriend does for me (he always does the dishes, sweeps the floor, and in general is just the best human ever), to even writing down the lesson for which I am grateful for, out of a less-than-disireable or painful situation.

I'm very passionate about health, nutrition and cooking.
I love goals, efficiency and getting my shit together.
My short term goal is to work in the kitchen industry, learning, and accumulating my hours to get my Red Seal in cooking. My long term goal is to be a private chef for cancer patients, helping them increase the efficacy of cancer treatments and their quality of life. I also dream of catering on yoga and wellness retreats.

Other long term goals and aspirations:
·Become a yoga teacher and do my training in India ✓
·Study herbalism
·Forage my own medicinal mushrooms
·Learn how to play the cello (despite it being 4 times my size)
·Become a sommelier
·Be known for being kind and compassionate

The reason for my long term career goal is because my mom was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2010. The cancer came back in 2017, then got worse in 2018, and she sadly passed away in 2019 and that fucking sucked so much. She made me who I am. She made me realize my passion. She encouraged me to follow my dreams. And she helped me learn what my purpose here on this planet is.

To cook.
To nourish.
To be grateful.
Those are my purposes.

Cancer is such an ugly disease that my way of coping with her diagnosis is to research and continue to learn how the power of food and nutrition can help those suffering from cancer and other illnesses. I grew up with digestive issues (which is common in low income families, mostly due to consuming highly processed food), and I've had a few bouts of depression here and there, especially currently while I grieve the loss of my sweet mommy.

So, my friends, that's why I pay attention to what food I put in my body. Most of my food is gluten and dairy free, and that's just because that's what works best for me. I can't digest milk, and grains make me bloated and seem to make my brain foggy. Eating has been a great way to balance my mental health and digestive issues. Learning to cook with healthy intention is not only a fun way to express myself and my creative mind, but it is my form of active meditation and where I feel happiest.

I'm going to stop writing about myself now because it's weird and makes me feel like a narcissist...

But one cooking tip before I go and you start cooking:
Be grateful for each ingredient you have. Be grateful for having the opportunity to cook for yourself, and be grateful for those who you surround yourself with and who you enjoy your creations with.
Cooking with love not only nourishes your stomach, but your soul and life too.

Merci & au revoir! xo


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