"Happiness is only real when shared" - Christopher McCandless. 
A favourite quote of mine from one of my favourite books and movie, Into the Wild.

To me, FOOD is happiness. 
Eating food with others is so important to me, because it brings friends and family together and creates loving bonds. What happens when you bring people together AND eat food? PARTY!! (there's nothing wrong with that now is there?)

Here are some of my friends and colleagues websites that have a similar perspective on living life as I do. I love to share their successes and accomplishments with you, so here they are!
I hope you like their websites as much as you like mine! :)

Brooke McMillan: Brooke has all vegetarian and vegan recipes. Those with a sweet tooth beware! Get your baking bowls ready:

Sangsters Health in Fort McMurray, Alberta. They've got the best staff and supplements! Their staff is knowledgeable, reliable, and fun to be around. You'll never regret a visit into Sangsters Health! 

Olivier Manders: High quality nutritional products are just a click away.

Other websites that I find useful, and think you would too are:

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