Ready to live your best and most nourished life while enjoying homemade meals prepared just for you? Then you came to the right page. 

I'm a whole foods chef who is also certified in holistic nutrition. My favourite thing to do is cook, and my biggest passion is nourishing people with food. You tell me what you want to eat and I take care of the rest. I'm a bit of a quality snob and I will only use the best quality ingredients that will support your physical and mental health while decreasing inflammation, preventing symptoms of disease, and of course pleasing your palate. 

Check out the services I offer below and let's work together!
(services only offered in Calgary, Alberta and surrounding areas)

Contact me:
403 700 9243 

Nutritional Consultation:
$125 for initial consultation
$40 for follow up appointments 
(service only available when paired with meal packages)

The process goes like this:
We meet up for a 45-60 minute consultation where you tell me all about yourself. We will discuss your goals, lifestyle, symptoms and daily habits (full disclosure: I'm going to ask you about your poop!). I then take this information and I begin to prepare for you a wellness plan that is 100% unique to you. This includes lifestyle, nutrition and supplement recommendations. Every body and every mind is different, so please be patient with me as I take 3-5 days to research all of the potential imbalances within your body and create your personal wellness plan.

I take all the information you have given me and combine the knowledge I have given you, and that's when the magic begins to happen.. in the kitchen. I start to cook for you whatever meals you would like, but keeping in line with your wellness plan. I decide which whole foods will best help to support you, and then I create flavourful and nourishing recipes to get you living your best life

This nutritional consultation is highly recommended for best client satisfaction and success towards your goals, but is only available when purchasing meal packages.

Customized Meal Packages:
Prices do not include cost of groceries
3 meals + 1 snack: $200
5 meals + 2 snacks: $320
Additional snacks: $20 each

Each meal will yield 4-6 portions and each snack will yield 12 portions.

Ingredient Prep: $30/hr
I get it. You want to do the cooking but you need help preparing the ingredients. Let me do it for you.
All ingredients are cleaned, cut and ready for you to create your own magic!

Cost of groceries will be added to service charge on your invoice

The not-so-fine print:
* Cooking services are done in client's home and meals are packaged using your own storage containers for the fridge (or freezer).
** Unless otherwise specified by the client, all ingredients purchased by Darian Pestell will be of the highest quality, local, and often abide by the current dirty dozen & clean fifteen list. 
Please be clear of your budget and preferences of ingredient quality before grocery shopping is done.
*** Please communicate dietary allergies, restrictions and preferences with me at the time of placing your order. 

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